Regula Hinderling

Dr. iur., Attorney, Certified Specialist SBA Employment Law

Regula’s areas of expertise are employment law, litigation and transport law.

She started her practice with a leading business law firm in 2003, where she focused on employment law, litigation, trade & transport law and led the practice group Human Resources. She has extensive experience advising small and medium companies, global firms as well as private clients in Switzerland and abroad and in representing them in litigation.

Regula went to high school in Switzerland and the USA and completed her law studies in Basel and Lausanne (Master of Law in 1996). For several years she was a research fellow at University of Basel with Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Schwenzer and attained her Ph.D. in 2001. She was admitted to the bar in 2003 and named certified Specialist SBA (Swiss Bar Association) Employment Law in 2009.